Saturday, March 24, 2007

Doing What's Right

Doing What's Right
"As it becomes clearer that most Democrats in Congress lack the political courage to end the war, and that most Republicans in Congress are out of touch with the American people on the issue, Ron Paul becomes an ever more viable presidential candidate in 2008.
"Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Mitt Romney back President Bush all the way on continuing the war. Ron Paul wants to end it. Hillary Clinton and John Edwards voted for the war. Ron Paul voted against it. Barack Obama says that he opposed the war from the beginning, but he continues to vote to fund it. Ron Paul urges his colleagues in Congress to use their Constitutional power to end it.
"Yet an issue of such importance is not about political calculation, at least not for Ron Paul, as his speech clearly indicates. It's about doing what's right."
Paul4Prez, 03/23/07

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ron Paul on Digg

Ron Paul on DiggPosted by Stephen Carson at March 23, 2007 12:03 PM
Take a look at this story on Digg. Both the story itself and its treatment on Digg are interesting. The story is a short video segment where Fox put Ron Paul on to give his spiel. What is striking is that this only happened because "hundreds" of Fox viewers contacted them (by e-mail I think) complaining about the lack of mainstream coverage of Paul's candidacy.
Then this story was put on Digg and has over 1500 Diggs, making it one of the most Dugg stories in the last couple weeks in the US Elections 2008 topic on Digg. The most popular comments (comments are voted on as well on Digg) are notable...
"Ron Paul is Founding Father material. He is the ONLY candidate worth voting for."
"Founding Father material" is right! I'm 60 years old and have never voted but I WILL vote for Ron Paul.
"I was unenthusiastic about the 2008 elections. Then a few weeks ago I learned about Dr. Ron Paul. Finally, here is a candidate I can happily support."
"...according to the Economist, Ron Paul has got some serious internet hype going for him."
"The reason you see so many people online bringing his name up is for one reason, he isn't getting the TV coverage that all the big names like Hillary are getting, so we are using the only other way we know how at this point in time, the internet. And in my opinion its a wonderful way."
Take a look at this story on Digg

On the Shoulders of Patriots

Posted March 20th, 2007 by manystrom in P

Although I grew up in Seattle, my adopted hometown is now Arlington, Massachusetts. The town of Arlington is located near Lexington and Concord, where the very first battle of the American Revolutionary War took place! All around the area are physical reminders of what took place here 230-plus years ago.
Today I'd like to share one with you. It is a monument to Samuel Whittemore:, which is near the center of Arlington Town.
......This time, let's let Ron Paul lead us in a peaceful revolution to take back the government of "we the people."

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Freedom Pledge News Conference

March 21, 2007
Freedom Pledge News Conference
Congressman Ron Paul becomes the first presidential candidate to sign the American Freedom Agenda's Freedom Pledge. Bruce Fein and Richard Viguerie look on as Congressman Paul signs the pledge yesterday during a press conference in Washington.
Bob Barr, David Keen, Richard Viguerie and Bruce Fein are joined by Congressman Ron Paul shortly before Congressman Paul signed the Freedom Pledge.
March 21, 2007 at 11:30 AM FREEDOM PLEDGE

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ron Paul is just the right guy!

For awhile, I have had to set back and listen to conservatives debate whether Sen. McCain or Gov. Romney was the least objectionable candidate. Or even worse if that is possible, I had to listen to speculation about whether Mayor Rudy Giuliani could win the Republican nomination. Almost in despair I listened as conservatives mentioned amnesty supporters Sen. Brownback and Gov. Huckabee as possible conservative alternative candidates. I wondered to myself and also aloud, “Has the conservative movement really sunk this low?”...

Rep Paul is right on spending, he is right on taxes, he is right on the border, immigration and amnesty, he is right on life, and he is right on guns. Unlike many “federalist” conservatives, he understands the importance of decentralization and State’s rights. And given the current situation in Iraq, he understands the importance of a truly “humble” foreign policy.

Posted on 01.26.07 by Dan E. Phillips --- Whole story


2008 election voting polls- Cast your vote to show your support

Another NEW Declaration of Independance

Drafted by Vincent H. Miller and Jarret B. Wollstein
Two hundred years ago our ancestors signed a document which forever changed the course of history. Colonial Americans severed the bonds to a tyrannical king and parliament in England and established in America for the first time a society based on the principle of the rule of law and limited government. Benjamin Franklin, one of our great statesmen, stated at this time: "Gentlemen we give you a Republic — if you can keep it."
The result was a glorious and turbulent 200+ years which witnessed the greatest achievements, the highest standard of living, and the highest levels of individual freedom ever experienced in human history. However, we have allowed government to grow without bounds so that today the golden prize of liberty has been all but lost.

WE THE PEOPLE of these fifty States have patiently suffered mounting government outrages against us ...
...These are the crimes of the State against its citizens:
They have erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our People, and eat out their substance. The IRS,


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ron Paul Wins by a Landslide!
If the 2008 electon were held today, and all 18 declared candidates were in the race, Dr. Ron Paul would win with an astonishing 81% of the popular vote! Rudy McRomney would score a combined total of 0%. Hitlery, 3%. Rep. Paul's closest competitor would be the "Hispanic" governor of New Mexico with the Anglo name, with 10%.All this, of course, assumes that the 2519 pollees at XFuseNEWS* represent an accurate sampling of the American electorate, which of course they don't. Still, I see this as a portent of the groundswell that we will soon see in favor of the good doctor.*See


Genuine Conservative
"That is not to say that there are not genuine conservatives in the GOP presidential race. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas embodies everything the CEP [Conservative Exodus Project] is looking for."
Pastor Chuck Baldwin, 03/20/07

Ron Paul A True Statesman

Ron Paul a True Statesman
"Ron Paul is a true American statesman," said Don Zimmerman, who ran for Texas representative in District 50 last year. "He has a long history of upholding American values, and I am happy to endorse his campaign."
Article by Tyler Sandson, The Daily Texan, 03/19/07

Monday, March 19, 2007

Best of the Republican lot

Richard Viguerie on Ron Paul
"You must give the voters a tune they can whistle," said Mr. Viguerie, who drew applause when he said of the 2008 Republican presidential candidates that Rep. Ron Paul of Texas "is the best of the lot."
The Washington Times, 03/19/08 The story here.

It is time for a New Declaration of Independence

By Dave Meserve
It is time for a New Declaration of Independence.

Do you worry about the future that your children and grandchildren will inherit?

Do you fear your government as it shows increasing disregard for the Constitution and for basic human rights and civil liberties?

Do you become angry at your powerlessness to change the course of your own government, motivated as it is by greed and lust for power in its quest for world domination?

Do you wish you could alter or abolish that government, through the ballot box or by non-violent resistance to its tyranny?

Do you view the government as separate from yourself and your values, and wish to withhold your consent from its actions?

This is exactly how many people felt in 1776, and how many feel today.

Read the Rest of this article and how the new Declaration compares to the original.

*Isn't it time we return to the fundamentals that made this country GREAT in the first place?

Ron Paul is the only choice in 2008!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Through the Eyes of Mrs. Ron Paul
I've been contacted a few times about writing a personal story of our family, because we have been called "The American Dream" family by people who knew us well. In doing this, it would have to start with the man RON PAUL, who saw the American Dream and decided that it could be his - and now he wants it to be yours if you so choose.....

That in itself is a testimony to a great and humble man.

....So the American Dream came true for a boy who delivered newspapers, a teen-ager who mowed lawns, delivered milk, delivered furniture, delivered laundry and delivered mail, and for a man who then delivered babies. Now that dream continues with a man who is trying to deliver your hard-earned money back to you and to deliver the message that freedom works and that patriotism must not grow weak in the hearts of all Americans. And liberty reigns to help us hang on to our Republic for which the Founders gave their last measure of devotion.

Read the whole story

Support the Granny Warriors as they support Ron Paul

Friends, If you are in favor of having a new, moral and honest candidate for the Presidency. Ron Paul please read this message and respond.. I too wish to see a drastic change in our governments operations. I am with the Granny Warriors, we are a........ Gets Many Requests to Add Texas Congressman Ron Paul to 2008 Presidential Poll Gets Many Requests to Add Texas Congressman Ron Paul to 2008 Presidential Poll
TAMPA, FLORIDA March 18, 2007

(PRLEAP.COM) A poll at is taking a tally of which 2008 Presidential candidate is the most popular in the early part of the race. “We have received many viewer requests to add Texas Congressman Ron Paul in the poll, “ said spokes person. “We have not confirmed with his office whether he has declared, but have listed him on the poll to see how many votes he receives… ” Read more
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Ron Paul is, again, running for president

Ron Paul is, again, running for presidentBy SHIRLEY VANDEVER
Posted Sunday, March 18, 2007Read Comments-->COMMUNITY VIEW03/18/2007 -->
As the bloated bureaucrats in all levels of government simmer on their burgeoning pensions at our behest, a gaggle of competitors on both sides of the aisle have emerged to vie for the office of president of the United States.
They promise to make things different, and that there will be a change to business as usual. Claude Rains said it best in the last moments of "Casablanca," when he said to Humphrey Bogart's Rick Blaine:
"Round up the usual suspects."
Every quality that makes someone run for political office is usually an attribute that most citizens want least in their representatives, yet we are presented with the same candidates every year.
Their names may not be the same, but they are of the same ilk; euphoric with power (take a look at Nancy Pelosi's eyebrows), subservient to money (Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton squabbling over Hollywood dollars), and a schoolyard-bully mentality of "I beat the other guy."
Amid sound bytes, cleverly-scripted news conferences, and the oh-so-delicious-Newt-had-an-affair story, there was an announcement Monday, March 12 that you may have missed.
Ron Paul is running for president.
Never heard of him? No wonder. Barbra Striesand, Robert Redford and Warren Buffett have probably never heard of him either.
Ron Paul works tirelessly, yet we barely know he is there. Why? Because he is working tirelessly for us.
Congressman Paul believes steadfastly in what is slowly becoming a sad, almost ignored document: the Constitution. If a proposed law does not muster constitutional scrutiny, Ron Paul will not vote for it. He voted against the Iraq war.
Ron Paul is running for president.
Paul has spoken vociferously about the government's penchant for depriving people of their homes, farms and ranches. The Constitution, he believes, mandates that landowners must not be denied their right to life, liberty, and property.
Paul is considered an expert on economic and monetary policy, and serves as the ranking member of the House Financial Services subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy, Trade, and Technology.
The National Taxpayers Union recognized Paul as a "Taxpayers Friend" for the past 10 years. NTU President John Berthoud said: "If every member of Congress voted like Representative Ron Paul, Americans could enjoy much lower taxes and less waste in government."
As you watch the media show that is our political process, take a moment away from the talking heads of CNN, Fox News and Internet bloggers. Find out about Ron Paul. Look at his issues. Look at his record.
This is not an "American Idol" contest, this is our country.
Ron Paul is running for president.