Monday, February 4, 2008

Know before you vote!


Ron Paul Revolution and the Constitution.

Ironically, as long as I can remember, no matter which party raises up the newest president,
nothing changes as far as policy is concerned. And where is it leading us? I see
industry moving out of the country at alarming rates. Masses of illegal
immigrants swarm across our unprotected borders while our military is used to
protect the borders of foreign countries and big oil. I see a policy of endless
preemptive war against an undefined enemy. I see the United States being
dictated to by the United Nations. I see dangerous legislation, such as the
"Patriot Act," and "Military Commission Act," eroding our constitutional rights,
passed by a Congress who swore an oath to protect those rights, and I see
debates with candidates who argue with each other as to how best to continue
these policies.

How about something different for a change? Like a change that mirrors what the Founders of our country envisioned.

It astounds me that many have not even heard of The Thomas Jefferson of our day.. Ron Paul.

For all of you I share the following. So you know a little bit more before you vote.


This is probably the BEST question answer sessions I have heard the
whole campaign season. The forum was held Saturday 2/2/08

MTV/MySpace Forum [Audio] 26 min. or

MTV/MySpace Forum[Video]


Paul has answers to financial crisis

Who else is there to vote for?

Well, you can cross Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mike
Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani off the list immediately as they show up on the Top
Ten of the most corrupt politicians in the country according to Judicial Watch
( ). I encourage you to go to this Web site and read the
truth about these four candidates. The only thing that will change if they are
elected will be their increase in personal wealth.

A real solution that addresses the root of the problem, Not just a Band-Aid- Economic plan.


Military support- Q4 FEC Reports: Ron Paul Receives More Military Donations Than All Other Republicans Combined

Gee, McCain's POW records closed, lock, stock, & barrel

*and thanks to this McCain guy some of our freedom of speech is hobbled with McCain/Fiengold.
*He tries to give free pass to illegal immigrants with McCain/Kennedy.
*And virtually guarantees us 100+ years of perpetual war. For crying out loud! STOP!


The war on TERROR

This is a VERY serious matter. So just for a second just consider this and put it in perspective.

18 thugs on 4 airplanes have caused 300 MILLION Americans to surrender OUR BILL OF RIGHTS with the passages of the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act.

And now we are allowing the corporate media to mold our thought, by delivering half truths about our upcoming presidential election.

When did following the rule of law, our US
Constitution, become a fringe or weird act? When?

Or is it?

It's up to you....

If you have been inspired with hope from this post,
and I really hope you have, please donate to the Ron Paul campaign, so that the
message of Freedom, Peace and Prosperity will be spread far and wide.

And tell your freinds and family as the patriots did in 1776.