Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Granny Warriors Nascar Fly Over

This event will take place on Oct. 13th at Charlotte NC at the big Nascar Shoot out race. .....The banner will be: 13 1/2 feet high and 78 feet long.. now that is a banner.... no one will miss this one.
.... We have to have the cash into the office by the end of the day on the 9th of Oct.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

2 Ways to Help get Ron Paul TV ads on the air in Iowa and New Hampshire

1.I will donate FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS to get Ron Paul's message on the airwaves in Iowa and New Hampshire if 160 of you donate at LEAST $100 each. I'm putting up 50 times the amount I'm asking each of you to donate. This is because I love freedom and I love Ron Paul. If the mainstream media refuses to cover Paul, WE WILL. We will bombard the state of New Hampshire with Ron Paul's freedom-loving message. We will re-target Iowa (if Ron Paul received 9.1% of the vote in Ames after campaigning in Iowa for just ONE WEEK, think what we can do in Iowa and New Hampshire in two or three MONTHS). Go pledge now

2.Operation New Hampshire is a project of Americans United for Freedom PAC, a single candidate Political Action Committee registered with the FEC. Since we're a PAC, we're independent from the Ron Paul campaign and are run by the grassroots. Individuals can donate up to $5,000 per election cycle to the PAC to support our efforts to get Ron Paul ads on TV. All money we raise goes straight to TV airtime; none of it goes to administrative, etc. costs.On the left hand side, click on the "ChipIn!" button to donate.