Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ron Paul Revolutionaries - Who doesn't want him elected?

....So ask yourself, "who would gain if Ron Paul is elected?" The answer is easy. Anyone who works for a private company. Anyone who owns or desires to own a small business. Anyone who is attending or will attend school in the future. Anyone who pays taxes. Anyone who wants to reverse inflation. Anyone who wants to be make their own decisions regarding their health and well-being. Anyone who loves freedom and believes that the constitution was a tool to restrain the government. Anyone who cares about privacy. Anyone who wants to retain the right to self-defense.
...So if all that is true, who would want to skew the polls? Who would want to fraudulently steal the election? Who would doctor the results so that he never becomes the President of the United States? That answer is just as easy.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Call for Volunteers

Back in Feb. when Dr. Paul announced setting up an exploratory committee for a possible 08 presidential run, those of us that where already very familiar DR Paul and all he stands for became very excited and got right to work.
I think it was March 13th that this blog was created with the first post giving this blog it's name.

Anyway since March 13, I have been the lone administrator posting to this blog.
As I also spend much time canvassing, I have been very remiss of my business duties.
You have probably noticed posts have become less frequent.

There is allot of redundancy in news of our campaign.
So I would like to recruit contributors to this blog.
In Fact, If someone would like to, I have registered a the domain name "", but since I am not a web master type, lack the ability and time to carry that torch any further myself.
Volunteers to post to this blog and/or build a new web page, please step forward! email me-

For very up to the minute news and anouncments, let me refer you to these 2 GREAT BLOGS: