Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ron Paul Revolutionaries - Who doesn't want him elected?

....So ask yourself, "who would gain if Ron Paul is elected?" The answer is easy. Anyone who works for a private company. Anyone who owns or desires to own a small business. Anyone who is attending or will attend school in the future. Anyone who pays taxes. Anyone who wants to reverse inflation. Anyone who wants to be make their own decisions regarding their health and well-being. Anyone who loves freedom and believes that the constitution was a tool to restrain the government. Anyone who cares about privacy. Anyone who wants to retain the right to self-defense.
...So if all that is true, who would want to skew the polls? Who would want to fraudulently steal the election? Who would doctor the results so that he never becomes the President of the United States? That answer is just as easy.


A Christian Prophet said...

Good question. Have Americans been lulled to complacency? Here is a good article about Ron Paul and passion:

Anonymous said...

This blog has links to several "Avery labels" being hosted on MediaFire (the links no longer work).

These labels are the copyrighted property of the InfinitRonPaul website (, and are available FREE of charge directly from that website. Please only send people directly to the source website for these labels. (If they are found elsewhere, they are violating Terms of Use... BESIDES, the website server sends the files MUCH faster as well as providing the user with more information on using the labels, and better choices of sizes and issues. The label file links provided on this site are a poor substitute.)


Americas Braveheart- Ron Paul 2008 said...

I will be VERY happy to link to your web site.
I find it Extremely hard to believe that any of the labels that my links point to are copyrighted, cause I created them.
And even if someone did copyright something I created, I am not profiting from distribution.
Everything on these pages is to help get Ron Paul elected. It's not about me, it's about Freedom for everyone.

Anonymous said...

My apologies if I am incorrect.

I received an email from a friend saying your site had links to copies of our stickers PDF's (which we also provide FREE).

I visited your site and looked extensively for contact information and found no method of communication outside of these comments (which I presume you are able to delete -- hence my posting).

I also attempted several times to download some of the PDF's from mediafile to verify whether they were our files (file names are very similar -- nearly identical to our Beta-test file names) -- but was unsuccessful (mediafile seems to spend more bandwidth on ads than on their files).

I had *assumed* my friend had actually downloaded one or more of the files -- after seeing your response here, I have learned that she did not, and that she does NOT know that they are our files... she presumed and I assumed (though I *did* my best to try to verify).

It seems I probably owe you an apology and some form of recompense -- perhaps I can host your sticker DL's for you in a directory that will work better for your users than MediaFile worked for me? (BTW, Free of charge -- we're all just trying to get Ron Paul elected).

**I have setup a temporary email at -- if you would be willing to email me there with any email of your choice (the email itself will be auto-deleted shortly after I read it... mailinator is a great service!)...then we can start to communicate directly (I will freely divulge my own email to you to resolve this, but I don't want to post it on a spyderable website comment area.


P.S. Sorry for jumping to conclusions, but we just had another website that *DID* download and repost some of our files... a source of irritation. Mainly because we have solid advice and warnings about the types and places stickers should be used -- the bare files w/o that advice and warnings are problematic for the campaign.

Americas Braveheart- Ron Paul 2008 said...

WLM i have just posted a link to your InfinateRonPaul page plus an email address to contact me. notice the space before and after the @ to prevent robots from harvesting my address.