Saturday, August 4, 2007

Congressman Ron Paul's Secret Revealed

Dr. Paul is the most moral, upstanding, best hope this country has. Those who have read his writings and seen him speak have learned this. I invite all to do the same. Please click on this link to see his writings and things people have written about him. Find out WHY his campaign is growing so fast, so exponentially, and with so many individual supporters. Find out WHY most of his money comes from donations of less than $250 dollars each and almost none from the big players who want government favors. Find out WHY people become so passionate about a silly politician. Have you ever seen such a thing before?
Dr. Paul offers us all hope. Hope that things can actually change in this country and we will not get another 4 years of the same. Disenfranchised Democrats, who voted expecting their party to end the war only to see the money handed over to continue it, are supporting Dr. Paul. Why? Because Ron Paul voted against the war the first time it was brought up, he voted against it the second time it was brought up and he wants to end it completely now. You can always trust people: you can trust them to act the way they have in the past.

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Spontanous and creative Ron Paul support.

This was a post from Karl on a Ron Paul Yahoo group.... In regards to the spontanious and creative campaign support coming from folks as they learn of and here Ron Pauls message of Liberty, Peace and Prosperity.
Visualize the future the way you want it to be, with color and emotion. See yourself shaking hands with Ron Paul in the Oval Office, and exchanging mutual congratulations. The more tactile and real this picture is to you, personally, the more powerful it becomes as a magnet, drawing you to do everything your creative subconscious can come up with to "Make It So."Visualizaion is an important part of inventing the future. When you can't wait to make it happen you know you are on the right track. Remember, not one of us has ever seen a campaign like this, a campaign that's rumbling from the bottom up, a campaign in which the candidate is scrambling to catch up with the people, a campaign in which money in the bank is much less important than money in your pocket and people in the street. None, and I repeat, NONE of the standard comparisons make sense for us. They are distractions.
Our hearts are in the right place. Liberty is the goal.
Getting Ron Paul elected is the ball.
Keep your eyes on the ball.