Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sobran: The Honor of Ron Paul

He may have become at last what he has always deserved to be: the most respected member of the U.S. Congress. He is also the only Republican candidate for president who is truly what all the others pretend to be, namely, a conservative. His career shows that a patriotic, pacific conservatism isn’t a paradox......
I can only attest that to know him is to love him, and knowing him for many years has only deepened the esteem I felt for him when we were both much younger men. This is a man who strikes deep chords in people’s hearts.
Every attempt to portray him as an extremist, or even eccentric, founders on his palpable probity and wisdom. His words are the carefully measured words of one given to meditation. Ron Paul is a man you listen closely to.

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The Wave Grows

Lew also said something funny but profound. He reported that prior to one of the three major televised debates all the campaign managers were gathered together to be briefed on the format, rules, etc. During this meeting, a manager for one of the other candidates demanded that he be provided with the Pantone color code of the backdrop that would appear behind his candidate!
This is what we've come to in this country. This is what passes for politics, this vapid pageantry and window dressing. The ties and the suits may go perfectly with the background and register beautifully on camera, but those suits are empty. Many rehearsed platitudes are recited through gleaming smiles, but nothing is actually said.
And then there's Ron, who cares more about ideas and knowledge and principles than about qualifying for the cover of GQ; who frequently speaks for hours without ever using notes. He is the anti-politician.

People recognize real leadership when they see it. That's what the buzz is about.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Manipulating America's Choice for President

If you take time to look closely at how the media promotes their top candidates or suddenly begins promoting a new candidate not currently in the running, you'll get a glimpse into how the Powers That Be (PTB) make sure America only gets to vote on candidates selected by them. The PTB have a real problem with the rising popularity of Rep. Ron Paul, the only reliable and principled anti-war and limited government candidate. A significant sector of voters are tired of pro-war Republicans and disgusted with go-along Democrats. In response, the PTB have three controlled candidates waiting in the wings ready to divert attention from any non-controlled candidate: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Former Senator and actor Fred Thompson, and Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Let's see what they're up t......

If You’ve Ruled Out Ron Paul, You Ought to Think Twice

If we don’t recognize that Ron Paul truly is the strongest candidate in the field, we may as well hand the keys back over to the Clintons now so they can start measuring the drapes.
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