Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Wave Grows

Lew also said something funny but profound. He reported that prior to one of the three major televised debates all the campaign managers were gathered together to be briefed on the format, rules, etc. During this meeting, a manager for one of the other candidates demanded that he be provided with the Pantone color code of the backdrop that would appear behind his candidate!
This is what we've come to in this country. This is what passes for politics, this vapid pageantry and window dressing. The ties and the suits may go perfectly with the background and register beautifully on camera, but those suits are empty. Many rehearsed platitudes are recited through gleaming smiles, but nothing is actually said.
And then there's Ron, who cares more about ideas and knowledge and principles than about qualifying for the cover of GQ; who frequently speaks for hours without ever using notes. He is the anti-politician.

People recognize real leadership when they see it. That's what the buzz is about.

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