Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ron Paul is, again, running for president

Ron Paul is, again, running for presidentBy SHIRLEY VANDEVER
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As the bloated bureaucrats in all levels of government simmer on their burgeoning pensions at our behest, a gaggle of competitors on both sides of the aisle have emerged to vie for the office of president of the United States.
They promise to make things different, and that there will be a change to business as usual. Claude Rains said it best in the last moments of "Casablanca," when he said to Humphrey Bogart's Rick Blaine:
"Round up the usual suspects."
Every quality that makes someone run for political office is usually an attribute that most citizens want least in their representatives, yet we are presented with the same candidates every year.
Their names may not be the same, but they are of the same ilk; euphoric with power (take a look at Nancy Pelosi's eyebrows), subservient to money (Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton squabbling over Hollywood dollars), and a schoolyard-bully mentality of "I beat the other guy."
Amid sound bytes, cleverly-scripted news conferences, and the oh-so-delicious-Newt-had-an-affair story, there was an announcement Monday, March 12 that you may have missed.
Ron Paul is running for president.
Never heard of him? No wonder. Barbra Striesand, Robert Redford and Warren Buffett have probably never heard of him either.
Ron Paul works tirelessly, yet we barely know he is there. Why? Because he is working tirelessly for us.
Congressman Paul believes steadfastly in what is slowly becoming a sad, almost ignored document: the Constitution. If a proposed law does not muster constitutional scrutiny, Ron Paul will not vote for it. He voted against the Iraq war.
Ron Paul is running for president.
Paul has spoken vociferously about the government's penchant for depriving people of their homes, farms and ranches. The Constitution, he believes, mandates that landowners must not be denied their right to life, liberty, and property.
Paul is considered an expert on economic and monetary policy, and serves as the ranking member of the House Financial Services subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy, Trade, and Technology.
The National Taxpayers Union recognized Paul as a "Taxpayers Friend" for the past 10 years. NTU President John Berthoud said: "If every member of Congress voted like Representative Ron Paul, Americans could enjoy much lower taxes and less waste in government."
As you watch the media show that is our political process, take a moment away from the talking heads of CNN, Fox News and Internet bloggers. Find out about Ron Paul. Look at his issues. Look at his record.
This is not an "American Idol" contest, this is our country.
Ron Paul is running for president.

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