Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ron Paul is just the right guy!

For awhile, I have had to set back and listen to conservatives debate whether Sen. McCain or Gov. Romney was the least objectionable candidate. Or even worse if that is possible, I had to listen to speculation about whether Mayor Rudy Giuliani could win the Republican nomination. Almost in despair I listened as conservatives mentioned amnesty supporters Sen. Brownback and Gov. Huckabee as possible conservative alternative candidates. I wondered to myself and also aloud, “Has the conservative movement really sunk this low?”...

Rep Paul is right on spending, he is right on taxes, he is right on the border, immigration and amnesty, he is right on life, and he is right on guns. Unlike many “federalist” conservatives, he understands the importance of decentralization and State’s rights. And given the current situation in Iraq, he understands the importance of a truly “humble” foreign policy.

Posted on 01.26.07 by Dan E. Phillips --- Whole story

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Americas Braveheart- Ron Paul 2008 said...

I don't think there is a person alive that can image what it would be like, if we had a constitutional monetary system.
Money without a users debt paid to a private bank. WOW!
Only lawful taxes collected for only lawful purposes.
Or can I only Imagine?.
Wipe out the public debt, wouldn't be long and the private debt would be gone. Man, prosperity like during the industrial revolution, except now with technology.
WOOH Dude!
Ron Paul as CEO[as Prez.] to USA Inc. would tell the board of directors[congress] in a board meeting... "get your act together boys and girls"... if it isn't constitutional, it ain't happening.