Monday, March 19, 2007

It is time for a New Declaration of Independence

By Dave Meserve
It is time for a New Declaration of Independence.

Do you worry about the future that your children and grandchildren will inherit?

Do you fear your government as it shows increasing disregard for the Constitution and for basic human rights and civil liberties?

Do you become angry at your powerlessness to change the course of your own government, motivated as it is by greed and lust for power in its quest for world domination?

Do you wish you could alter or abolish that government, through the ballot box or by non-violent resistance to its tyranny?

Do you view the government as separate from yourself and your values, and wish to withhold your consent from its actions?

This is exactly how many people felt in 1776, and how many feel today.

Read the Rest of this article and how the new Declaration compares to the original.

*Isn't it time we return to the fundamentals that made this country GREAT in the first place?

Ron Paul is the only choice in 2008!

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