Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Silencing Ron Paul's Supporters.

After the Republican debate on june 5th, had a blog entitled "Who Won?". The overwhelming majority of comments left on that blog said that Congressman Ron Paul had won the debate.Well it appears that CNN did not like all the comments that were left by the Ron Paul supporters because somewhere around 11:05 Central time they took down that blog and started redirecting to a blog of the same name that was posted on June 3rd for the Democrats debate. Here is the link for the Republican debate blog posting and here is the link to the democratic debate blog .Is CNN trying to silence Ron Paul supporters. You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Where’s Rudy Giuliani? Ron Paul Has Accepted the FreedomFest Invitation to Debate American Foreign Policy & Iraq War But No Word Yet From Giuliani

Carrie Stroup with Gambling911 has requested the folks at - presently offering political betting odds on the 2008 US Presidential election - to offer odds on Giuliani attending and debating Ron Paul at FreedomFest. Paul/Giuliani debate invitation

Here at Freedomfest, we have sent numerous invitation requests to Giuliani Campaign but no response.

Please be respectful but contact Giuliani Campaign and urge them to accept the debate invitation and forward this message to all of your friends.
Ron Holland,
Freedomfest Convention
July 5 - 7, 2007 Bally's/Paris Resort, Las Vegas

PS You can join 70 plus speakers, 1,000 freedom lovers and Ron Paul at FreedomFest but remember, forward this e-mail message and urge your friends to contact the Giuliani Campaign as Ron Paul is confirmed and ready to debate. Our only question is “Where’s Rudy Giuliani?”

If you like, feel free to copy me with your message to the Giuliani Campaign.

Devil's Advocate said...

Check out an article I wrote about Ron Paul.

Devil's Advocate
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We were recently named "Website of the day" by John Hawkins of!!!! (06/05/07)

So, don't forget to link or blogroll to us.

Todd W in NC said...

I noticed the re-direct on the blog link too. June 05 kept going to June 03. Elsewhere at CNN, they did have another poll that still reflected Ron Paul winning. I haven't re-checked it in the last few days, so it might be gone by now.

Americas Braveheart- Ron Paul 2008 said...

CNN responded to there shinanigans with an artical. and Freemarket news comments on it.

CNN Catches Heck From GOP Ron Paul Backers
Friday, June 08, 2007 -