Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney

Ron Paul vs. Mitt RomneyRepublican voters looking for a candidate to back would do well to compare Mitt Romney to Ron Paul: From Paul4Prez


Chris said...

Note to Progressives...

One thing that is critical to remeber about Ron Paul is that while his beliefs on progressive issues are not considered by many people to be "good", he is still firmly in favor of giving that power back to the states. I live in Seattle, Washington... I would like to see universal healthcare, evironmental reform, and a safety net to help people in hard times. I have come to the realization, however, that these are NEVER going to come so long as we live in a police state with federal laws preventing change at the state level and a bureaucracy intent of the status quo. The system is rigged... Period.

Every year we send hundreds of billions of dollars to the federal government and then bitch when it doesn't come back to us. It's time to quit sending the money out in the first place, and use it instead to fix the problems in the states in which we now stand.

The simple fact is, the positions of his which could be considered "ridiculous" are positions which he does not attempt to dictate to the people.

With Ron Paul you will be able to affect real change where you live. Without him, you won't be able to affect it at any level.

America Needs Ron Paul!

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