Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is a Wiki for dedicated Ron Paul Grassroots Supporters to collaborate with each other in a decentralized yet organized fashion for the purpose of taking our "message" from the internet to the real world. Articles included will be pages for each state, organized by county (or parish), showing events and organizations which need to be canvassed. Also included will be canvassing guides and pro-liberty/people-friendly campaign tactics, as well as links to district/precinct maps to help individuals and groups better spread the word.

Please Note: This is not a going to be just another "Who is Ron Paul?" site... This is going to be explicitly the "Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How" of getting our supporters from in front of their computers to out in the streets.

Find your State, Find your County, Share your Knowledge, and Get Involved!!!

Action By Topic
GOP Involvement
Tips for better getting to know your local GOP.

Find slim jims, palm cards, tri-folds, issue sheets, ect., for the Ron Paul campaign.

Learn how to canvass your local precincts.

Coalition Building
Learn how to find friendly organizations and events in your local area.

Learn how set up a table at a local event.

Letter Writing
Learn how write effective letters to newspaper editors, local organizations, and members of the GOP.

Inform the Press
Learn how effectively inform the press to get local press coverage on all of your projects.

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