Monday, July 16, 2007

The Ron Paul Earthquake

Never in American political history has there been a booming volunteer-driven, decentralized effort like Ron Paul's. All over the country, tens of thousands of self-directed individuals and groups print their own yard signs, banners, push cards, and bumper stickers; organize their own neighborhoods, towns, and states, and regions; rally and raise money; go door-to-door; demonstrate near malls and traffic intersections; register and organize voters; educate themselves in the new and old classics of liberty; create YouTubes; make phone calls; dominate FaceBook and MySpace; set up Yahoo groups, blogs, mailing lists, and Meetups; and even buy their own billboards.
More on this from Lew Rockwell blog...

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of "stickers", this blog has links to several "Avery labels" being hosted on MediaFire (the links no longer work).

These labels are the copyrighted property of the InfinitRonPaul website (, and are available Free of charge directly from that website. Please only send people directly to the source website for these labels. (If they are found elsewhere, they are violating Terms of Use... besides the website server sends the files MUCH faster as well as providing the user with more information on using the labels, and better choices of sizes and issues. The links you provided are a poor substitute.)