Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ron Paul interviewed on CNN , talks about Giuliani standoff

Ron Paul interviewed on CNN , talks about Giuliani standoff


Stephanie said...

Wow, is it not the most refreshing thing to hear TRUTH and COMMON SENSE coming from a presidential candidate?

It's revolutionary!

We WILL Restore our Republic with RON PAUL in 2008!!!!!


Americas Braveheart- Ron Paul 2008 said...

It is refreshing and exciting!
But it is also sad that so many Americans are drunk with the koolaid of deciet, believing more on assumptions then fact. Of coarse many of those assumptions where herded into the minds of America by the herders[media with special interest and gov't backing] and reinforced by the same herders.
15 years ago I was awakened with the truth.
All of the beliefs I had where crushed with varifiable truth.
I felt violated, duped, mad and then sad for all those lives virtually wasted. Not only wasted in setting up this Great Experiment of a Constitutional Republic[though that cause was not waste, but us allowing it to slip away is], but also the lives lost defending the lies of today and the past 50 years.
I encourage everyone to open their minds to truth. A great place to start to learn of one of the greatest deceits of this century is to see Aaron Russos latest film. America-Freedom to Facism. there is a banner/link on the left of this blog. I am an AFTF volunteer distributor.