Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Sanjaya Principle: Why Ron Paul Can Be Our Next President

April 8, 2007
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Jonathan David Morris
The 2008 presidential election is now less than 19 months away. As far as I’m concerned, that means now is the time to start planning .....

... And that something different makes me believe something different can happen in next year’s election.
The something different in question is a lanky, long-haired Indian kid named Sanjaya Malakar, who, despite his lack of charisma and talent, is somehow taking this year’s “American Idol” by storm.
.... A hundred years from now, I predict historians will credit him as the reason a little known Republican congressman from Texas became our next U.S. president.

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Ron Paul would be the establishment’s worst nightmare. [***Braveheart adds-But great for you, I and the counrty! ***]

First... Unlike Obama or John Edwards, Ron Paul isn’t a prepackaged candidate.
Secondly, not being prepackaged means his congressional record actually means something. You can literally tell what Ron Paul believes in just by looking at how he’s voted.
Finally, his congressional record is impressive. Unlike most congressmen, Ron Paul goes to the trouble of reading legislation before voting for it. For this reason, he knows better than to vote for most of it. A true conservative, he typically votes to conserve our nation’s money and resources. He has never voted himself a pay raise. And he is the only congressman who checks every one of his votes against the United States Constitution.

... Most of the candidates who say they’re what’s “best” are, in fact, the same people who keep screwing things up.

....No more saying, “Politics are corrupt, but there’s nothing we can do about it.” With that attitude, you’re right: There’s nothing we can do. But if a lanky, long-haired Indian kid who can’t sing can nonetheless succeed on “American Idol,” then it only goes to show that attitude is everything—especially when the people have the power to vote.
Between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, our next president will be coming in after 16 very bizarre years in America. I’m urging everyone I know to vote for Ron Paul. And I’m urging everyone I know to urge everyone they know to do the same. I wouldn’t get behind a third-option candidate if I thought he couldn’t win. But I think Ron Paul can win if we get behind him.
Why not make 2008 the year to finally voice our dissatisfaction? To finally prop up a candidate who respects the U.S. Constitution?
Forward this article if you agree with me that now is a good time for these things to happen.
Ron Paul would be the status quo’s worst nightmare. But if we all got behind him, it would be an American dream. click there for whole story


Americas Braveheart- Ron Paul 2008 said...

"that means now is the time to start planning"

And that means that in some states, in order for Ron Paul to win the republican nomination, voters registered as Demacrats and Independents, will have to change their registration to Republican.

Market Bust said...

I fully support Mr. Ron Paul and I encourage everyone that I know and meet to make sure they look him up and give him the time of day.

Go Ron Paul! Our next president.